Looking to partner with a dedicated recruiting firm

to fit your specific needs?

Looking to partner with a dedicated recruiting firm to fit your specific needs? 

What We Do

Companies want rock star employees.

Job candidates want stellar bosses.


AUX provides the stage that brings them together.


AUX Partners is a premier, regionally centered, employment recruitment firm.
Whether you’re an established, publicly traded conglomerate or a small business with big, audacious dreams, AUX helps you find that perfect human asset to match your business need.

We serve as an extension of your company, and will find the best talent on the market, quickly and efficiently.

Recruiting Plan

Assess your existing recruiting process, pain points, and determine the best approach to sourcing the best-fit candidates

Talent Database

Offer a robust network of highly-qualified, top-tier candidates, which can quickly recruit into your company

Success Track Record

Possess a proven track record of 1200+ placements in Technology, Sales, Marketing and Executive sectors

Staff Augmentation

Provide full benefits to our contractors (health, dental & vision) and a 401k retirement plan supported by a dedicated HR & Payroll team

Pricing & Exclusivity

Our direct placement fee is 20% or if you choose to work with us exclusively, the placement fee is 15%

Technology Audit

Our technology audits provide a robust assessment of an organization’s IT infrastructure, performed by current & former IT directors and CIOs

The AUX Difference

Like many companies, AUX employs data-driven methodologies to begin the search process. But AUX goes further.

Instead of only posting to numerous job sites like many competitors, AUX proactively headhunts for your next rock star employee. Our process includes vetting a candidate’s social profiles and talking to their previous managers or supervisors for a reference.

We administer technical assessments and screening questions with customized input from the client company. You may be surprised by this, but AUX doesn’t just double-check a candidate’s certifications—we have them provide the actual certification documentation.

AUX also shines the spotlight on the hiring manager to attract more candidates!

As a free benefit to our clients, AUX offers hiring managers the opportunity to sit down with us in our video podcast studio to discuss the open position and culture of their company. This unique benefit allows candidates to get to know the hiring manager in advance, and begin to gauge if they are the right fit for the company. AUXcast has driven substantial increases in candidate interest.


hire retention rate


lower placement fees


success match rate

AUX’s Value

AUX’s candidate placement retention rate is over 90%. Our fee is significantly lower than the national average. And we offer a multi-month guarantee on all direct placements.

At AUX, there is nothing we value more than the longstanding relationships with our client companies.

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Roles AUX Matches
to Companies:

  • Executives & Upper Management
  • Business Development & Sales
  • Information Technology including Fintech
  • Martech & Marketing
  • Software Development & Engineering
  • Retail Store Managers
  • Technical Trade Positions (such as automotive & small-engine repair technicians)
Aux Recruiting Regions Map
AUX Partners | Recruiters

Industries AUX has served

  • Advertising & Marketing
  • Agriculture
  • Cybersecurity
  • Financial Technology & Investment Firms
  • Freight Companies
  • Heating & Air-Conditioning
  • Home improvement
  • HR Consulting Firms
  • Insurance
  • Managed Service Providers
  • Online Auto Buying
  • Real Estate Technology
  • Smart Warehousing
  • Textile Manufacturing
  • Third-Party Logistics
  • Utility Companies

Did You Know?

AUX is short for Auxiliary, a word to describe someone or something that assists another. Auxiliary comes from the Latin word Auxilium, meaning “help.”

Contact Us

The AUX Team

Recruiting Firm Kansas
Peyton Warwick

Peyton Warwick

Recruiting has always come naturally to me. I love being a job market specialist for my clients. I got married in May 2021 to my beautiful and smart wife. No kids yet but plan to soon. My professional goal is to help build AUX into a premier recruiting firm throughout the central USA region. For fun, my wife and I like to travel, go to concerts, sporting events and any place with a body of water.

Brett Butterfield

Brett Butterfield 

I consider myself very lucky to do something I enjoy, and to have the opportunity to meet and build relationships with so many different people. I love providing value to each of our client’s through understanding their business, their specific hiring needs and culture, and creating a level of trust between us that lasts forever. My wife and I, Meghan, are both proud Kansas City natives and have two awesome daughters together! Olivia and Hadley. When my girls are not giving me makeovers, I like to be outside, play my guitar and write music, golf, and enjoy finding new things that interest me.

Erika Morgan

Erika Morgan

I was born and raised in Kansas City, and still reside here with my two pups — a sweet 100-pound mutt named Cain and an ornery French bulldog named Frankie. I went to the University of Kansas City – Missouri for undergrad then attended the University of Kansas where I earned my Masters degree in Integrated Marketing Communications. I worked in staffing for several years but ended up leaving for an opportunity in another industry in 2020. When the opportunity to join AUX presented itself this year, I immediately knew it was the right decision. I love what I do and more than anything, love the relationships I have built and continue to build.

Shelby Horn

Shelby Horn

I started my recruiting career in Kansas City in January 2017 and formed amazing relationships with candidates and clients alike. In 2020, I decided to try out a new market and moved to St. Louis, MO to continue my career in staffing and recruiting where I grew both professionally and personally. After about 3 years there, I knew I was ready to head back home to Kansas City and I joined AUX Partners in 2023. I’m so grateful to work for a company that will go above and beyond to provide value to both our clients and candidates, and getting to work with colleagues that have turned into great friends is just an added bonus. Outside of AUX Partners, I love to read, take my daughter, Blakely, on long walks, spend time with family, and cheer on the Kansas City Chiefs!

I have been very impressed with the diligence of AUX Partners! Specifically working with Peyton Warwick: he has kept me updated on all aspects of the job search and the interviewing process. He has given me insight to the company I would be interviewing with and even made suggestions on preparations for the interview. If you are working with Peyton you are going to be well taken care of and well informed every step of the way!
Aaron Baker

Google Review

If you find yourself in a position to engage with AUX Partners, do it. Peyton’s professionalism, follow through, and oversight on my six month contract enabled me to just focus on the work itself and not the details. The companies reaching out to Peyton for hiring are offering the jobs that people are hoping to find in personal searches, but don’t because companies don’t want to sift through the mess of public posting/interviewing. I won’t ever leave the position that Peyton helped me find, but if I do, I will go to AUX Partners first before beginning any secondary searches.
Tom B.

Google Review

I don’t know if AUX works miracles for all their clients, but they did for me. I never had a desire to work with a recruiter, but I am very pleased to have taken the call from Brett.

To my surprise, they hooked me up with a colleague from more than 15 years in my past! This has worked out incredibly well for me, and I am so pleased to have found this opportunity via AUX systems.

My onboarding process was easy and hassle free. Aux systems was easy to work with and very professional. I had no issues or problems, I cannot think of any downside to the whole experience and heartily recommend AUX systems That is why I am here to add to their collection of 5 star reviews.

Jim Dowdy

Google Review

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